And this is how THEY do it.

Breaking a Red Light is equivalent to paying 6000QR/= as the fine Money. And these guys have no trouble at all :P( as if they care ). They are cool enough as they know the fact they cant get CAUGHT :D. Even if the Camera has taken the shot they cannot be identified under any circumstances. Wonder how much far they had to travel just to come across from Hayatt Plaza till these Signals 😛


Where WAS I?

Nope I certainly have no clue as in Where the Hell was I for the past few months, Havent gone for a world tour, neither came back from a trip to heaven. I was here at the same place for all this time. I dont have a reason why I wasnt updating my blog, nor writing bout something important, entertaining or worthy. Even for today I have just logged in on my Mom’s sake (she like’s Me doing good things 😛 ). For all these days the only thing related to my blog was to check my email and find Teabreak’s updates and that too shamelessly I marked as read without even passing a look at it :S. Guess there is some spirit within me stopping me from doing all of this, but then again that is just being foolish. I m not sad, nor depressed nor frustrated, nor m I in search of myself (the all famous dialogue ). I was just being Me somewhere.

In between all I did was pass my time with some Sughar Larkiyun walay kaam 😛 I learnt some stitching (karahae) art heck that was fun but it hurts alot as well :P, guess that was it of what I was upto these days (loads of em). I guess Im happy giving sometime to myself, sometimes it feels quite relaxed staying away from all sorts of updates :P. M still not sure if I’ll be posting quite often from now on as well, but I’ll try my best 🙂

Loads of blessings for all my bloggy friends out there.

Allah Hafiz.