Here Im Again

Hello All the pretty people out there, howz life treating you? M sure sometimes bad and sometimes not that bad as the thought of life as treating us good is not widely accepted World Wide ;). Have been a little busy lately, lately as in from the end of march till 23rd of June. Have just one more paper left and I know that it will pass by too with the blink of my eye (as they always use this phrase). I have been not at all up to date with what all has been currently going on in the blogsphere. The little I knew was through the daily twitter updates that I used to get. Zillions of times have I made myself to sit and come up with something but my bad there was one or the other thing I prefered to do than to write. It felt as though there was smething/someone on my back always poking me NOT to be here and to be somewhere else instead. That might be one of the many reasons I wasnt updating my blog. Have piled up alot of stuff in this duration and I wonder if I will be able to recollect it all and post it on from time to time starting from today!
Life has taken a HUGE turn for me. The place that I was not born but brought up is now seeming like a stranger to me. Have to leave the silence of this place and try and get settled in another world which too isnt a stranger for me but Im not well acquainted with it as well. Ill be shifting now from the place where I lived for years, back to the place which we call our Homeland and that too for good, means from then there will be no looking back, Im sad and happy as well (life as they say can give you a cocktail of feelings at times). I have nothing left of myself here now and feel this change as an escape to something new. How much new or how much fresh I cant determine that at the moment. Neither can I judge what this change will end up in. I have hopes of all this being good. Hope which is the only candle left in the darkness of emotions 😛 hahaha I just cant imagine how sad and stupid i can sound at the same time.
OKi apart from all this stuff, I mean all this serious stuff which is the reality of life that I have to accept and I definitely had, I wish that a new place, a new environment and some new people will for sure make it alot easier for me InshAllah 🙂

Chaos my friends who have been in touch with me all this time 😛


3 thoughts on “Here Im Again

  1. Sana says:

    that isnt sad as it sounds, and it isnt in the way it is sounding either. Sometimes some things sound way on the other side as it is being thought.

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