Ok So Did I Mention?

I forgot to mention it to No one else other than myself that I certainly have an exam tomorrow. I have to study I know that but why study (that is what actually is going through my mind). Hah as once got a twitter reply “Agr yehi koe pehly parh liya hota tu yeh din na dekhnay prhtay” lols that was a good one liner, easy to say but hard to apply mutually for all πŸ˜› I know Im a good girl studying hard all the time but this particular Exam is driving me crazy :s Have studied all but that strong urge to just revise it all once again is nicking my mind……..
Im into this planning and studying type of person. Do this in this period of time and then do that after this and so on….but after yesterday’s disturbance in my schedule I certainly needed some BIG changes in these plans (T20 Finals YEAAH!!). This Exam on the other hand would be my last general exam for quite a lonnnnnnnng time now. Ill be finishing my course after this InshAllah and will sit back for sometime (not in particular how long) but inshAllah for sure will be back on track asap. Meanwhile I’ll be taking falaks advice on what to add in my reading list for that time :P. Will be hunting for some new things to learn and to practise as no work is better learnt without practise. After this Exam will be regularly updating my blog InshAllah, with some new things that Ill encounter once ill be packing my room all up. Im sure ill dig up some really old stuff that Ill love to share with you all. So keep intact with my blog will be filling it with some new stuff soon inshAllah.

Need loads of prayers till then from all my brothers and sisters out there.
Chaos for now.


6 thoughts on “Ok So Did I Mention?

  1. Sana says:

    Thanks Yellow Being, It would have been nice if you dropped by ur link, would love to visit u as well πŸ™‚

    Jingoist: janab paper is scheduled at 4pm 😦 so still have some time to bear all this tension :s

  2. falakk says:

    Sorry I'm late, I haven't been on my reader for a while now. Hope your exam went well, insha'Allah! (And read PS I Love You first. Please!)

    Love, Falak

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