The Pop Star has Gone

Ok so Im not that much of a Michael Jackson Fan. but this sudden news has shocked me. A Man who ruled the Pop scene for eras has passed away within seconds. Just few days earlier he was rehearsing for his Big Concert for which people were anticipating for long and today the Biggest Star of the concert himself passed away. Youngest Member of the Jackson Five and the Legendary MJ silently passed by. I remember a few of his songs like Dangerous, Blood on the Dance Floor with which he made a comeback after a long time, The best one was the one which had face morphing technique in its end 😉 (Black or White)….
Living a life with so much complications and having a complete change in the setup of ur natural life does have a some diverse effects. Everybody knows how he suffered a whole body cosmetic surgery, and hell yeah that isnt a Joke. I have seen people crying who have simply had a rhinoplasty and life for a person who has gone through so much must have been something Different. Finally its upto God for He is the one who is the Head of us all and He is the one who knows better than us all.


5 thoughts on “The Pop Star has Gone

  1. Sana says:

    Indeed it was and it happened so suddenly that nobody could believe it at all. At first it sounded like a Joke to me :O. Thanks for liking th theme but yeah this one aint created by me 😛

  2. NaVeed says:

    he was a million dollar man, a musical genius and top of all a very kind from heart man, what can i say everyone has to go one day or the other, May Allah bless all of us no matter what, in the end only our good and bad deeds are gona pay us off

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