Am I an Orthodox or an Islamic Extremist??

I dont know If its just Me or is it like m happened to see these videos one after the other that is making me think what is going on with all of this. Pakistani’s are wanting to bring the NY underground stuff to Pakistan’s major cities. They want to see that part of the super powers that the NYorkers themselves dont really like much. I happened to come across this video in which the underground Night-Club scene has been shown and it isnt a hidden video its an open count video, nobody is hiding except for a few , infact they are happy in sharing their views. The owner of the night club wants to have NY in Karachi, he wanted to smell that smell in the streets of Karachi. The smell of what? Cocaine, Beer, Vine, n all that stuff?? I soo wanted to beat all them up, yeah some what like Talbanized woman or like ones from lal- Masjid I wanted to have a long bamboo stick and wanted to slash their flesh off of em. That makes me an Islamic Extremist, than yes I would love to. The girl who takes the cameraman into the club gives the viewers the intro that…..

“Its kinda good it has a good feeling to it,the thing we can do on a FRIDAY night”

Now what the hell do we do on a Friday Night, yeah we party hard, we dope, we drink and then we collapse on a guys lap and he picks us up puts us back in our burkha and innocently takes us back to our homes.

Just tell me How on earth can that stupid hunchbacked DJ girl say that

“People come and say to us that what you’re doing is Un-Islamic, Its not drugs its something else OOps ok can i say this, can I say this….”

and she placed the word Un-Islamic in quotation marks as if she didnt think that this was Un-Islamic. I was having fits after watching this video. I could clearly recognize people’s faces even after that censor boxes that most of em were famous VJs/Anchors of our Pakistani Channels partying hard on their day off. Owner of the club is stating How he didnt want to choose this place as it had a disgusting look to it but apart from that he chose it and its kinda great inside tu Ullu kay Phatty(sorry for being harsh) He could have spent that money clearing that Disgusting street rather than making it even more worse. Commenting on his Guards Gun

“Ok so where is it made from emmm Its Made in OH SHIT its Made in China. OKie now probably it wouldnt WORK”

Yes for that ill place it on ur head pull the trigger and than we will decide if it really worked or not.

The fact stated just at the start of the video is right, indeed half of our population is under aged and whom are they following. Yes they are following these people who come on TV, play innocent as if they are unknown about anything in Life. The youth is blindly trying to follow their trends. Kids in schools and colleges spend more time in straightening their hair in the morning, finding the right gloss, or the right watch and pick the right car to take to school. Ok for now this would be for the upper elite class but for the lower middle classed children things are even worse, they want to do all of this but just because they cant they become rebels.

Im confused why the Govt and the parents arent having check on such things. The Anti Narcotics Dept of Pakistan are declaring they want to get rid of this ill form the country but what they are not doing is to find the roots from where they can cut down the tree. I even remember a famous Night Club of Islamabad the well known Cat Club. The gentry that is welcomed there are either Ministers, Govt Officials or other elite people. Darn It! What ca be done if the source above is involved in such a dirt, ofcourse than nothing can be done for the filth beneath.

The most wanted DJ of this club is Faisal Baig the son of the famous veteran actor Nadeem Baig, people are even dancing off open air all drunk irrespective who would be watching them and who wouldnt. Long ago I remember I saw an interview of Bilkees Edhi in which she shamefully told that often Police inspectors bring in girls that they have found drunk near the sea side and they pick them up and drop them off there coz they dont know where they belong. Bilkees Saheba told that she would take care of them over night and shamefully when they woke up she said

“Woh bus hamain english mai galiyan day kr chali jate hain”

Now somebody ask their God Damn parents where they were when their Girl didnt reach home last night!
Im ashamed to see all this and just wanna burst into pieces for nothing. If incase once in life I encounter such a personality I sooooo wanna slap him/her hard and feel good …or or ..I would rather use a Made in China riffle for them \m/


5 thoughts on “Am I an Orthodox or an Islamic Extremist??

  1. NaVeed says:

    aaah you dnt have to use that…there is one made in the northern areas, a replica of German made which i remember was a huge market destroyer for germans in early 70s and is till in market, which is cheaper then chinese model.

    alot can be said on this topic but i just really dnt want to waste my energy on such retards and screwed people, and i am amazed to see Allah is till not saying anything..

    Allah is great, sabar ki inteha hai

  2. Haris Gulzar says:

    Im amazed how people can feel proud of owning such a place and giving interviews about what they think is Un-Islamic, and then asking if they should say things, as if Allah SWT isn't watching.

    This is just so sad :-(. I'd say, these poeple arent at fault. Its their parents whos heads should be tried for the Chinese made guns :-(. Sad, just too sad 😦

    And by the way, do you really think this video should be exposed and made public to a wide audience. Won't this spread a very very bad image about our country (which unfortunately is true :-()

  3. Sana says:

    @Naveed lols thanks for the advise will specially import one from Northern Areas and will seek an opportunity for entering INSIDE 😛

    @Haris They definitely are proud of such things. Arey they think ke they are modernizing this God Damn place. They have the right to do everything and anything without seeking Govt's permission. What the hell m I saying what about the Govt they are also the same rather the kids that are partying their Head's Off in this place are the offspring's of such people. And for posting such a video than my dear friend for those whom u think will have a negative image of our country than I must say they dont find such a thing as negative rather they are really happy to see such advancements in Pakistan, and they will certainly support it, and for our own nationals then I feel that this is a must for them to see and to learn and to understand.

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