Anger and Revenge!

Sitting here on the laptop with a cup of green tea to sooth my mind, I just can’t figure out what had happened to me in the past few days. I m juggling myself to come up and write, have things in my mind to talk about but I don’t want to and I really don’t get that why I don’t. I’m visiting blogs, read what people are sharing that is coming up in their lives and what is happening out there around them. It’s not that I’m dead and that nothing is happening around me. Infact there is much more in my life than I can think of; loads of changes are going on within me and around me as well. Im looking at boxes of different sizes all piled up carrying my whole life within them, my childhood, my teenage and beyond that as well. I’m packing myself for not sure how long and when it will be the time to unpack is still unknown.

I have been pondering for days on what is with everything around me and within me. M I taking some sort of revenge from myself or is it just another part of the year Ill be passing by when the days get longer and the nights shorter. The time when you feel you have nothing worthy enough to think of or to do. You feel constipated regarding your thoughts, because the only thing that is working in your mind is emptiness. I’m so easily agitated and display utmost stupidity on the slightest injection of nuisance. I burp out all fungi type thoughts that were cultivated within me somewhere, from all the deepest darkest shady areas of my soul. And then the worse happens I regret what I have said and done, I’m immersed in that slimy fluid of guilt. The kind that resembles the quality of quicksand, the more you move the more you descend. The devilish side of your brain celebrates this event and takes you in the dungeon of doom where all of what you can think of is terrifying, filled with regret and guilt. The way you felt before of what happened is nothing infront of what will happen next. The wise don’t say it like this that“Nothing hurts more than words coming out from someone’s mouth”. Plenty of times I have seen people saying things out of rage which they don’t even mean. The thoughts that are buried inside them are instantly dug out and are tossed on the victims face without the notice of the perpetrator.

I have seen people fighting over the stupidest things on roads, streets, malls even in Masajid. Things that have no meaning what so ever but those who have a taste for anger enjoy every bit of it. They enjoy the flavor of humiliating someone, they take pleasure in announcing it to everyone how much tough time they had given to someone at a bus stand. Going through a similar article on a friend’s blog I share the same views as he does. Sometimes you witness something bad happening in public but you feel your hands are just held back by a force, often I have felt the same magnetic force to slap and beat someone really hard who was standing in public and was presenting a one man show of his wealth and power to a person of less affluence, whether it was his mistake or not only the poor has to suffer. Doesn’t matter if the rule is broken by a Toyota Corolla or a W11 the price is paid by W11.

Often have I noticed that men don’t spare someone when they are mad at them. And they regret it later on. They must do, but there egoistic companion keeps reassuring them that nothing has gone wrong, it’s not a big deal this happens to everyone you’re not the only one, what else could you have done that stupid rickshaw driver wasn’t giving you the way. People say they have temper issues, but I say why they (including myself) keep it prevailing, why don’t we work on it, why don’t we sort out the issues that are accumulating within us. So that if and if we go through such a time we don’t bulge with anger rather we hold on to that patience which is needed just to pass those few minutes as after that the heat that is generated within yourself for pressing down that lava begins to serenade your ears.

We not just I it’s We who need the power to overcome this devil within us who enjoys and celebrates the festival of anger and revenge. Feasting over our emotions filled with guilt and regret. I guess it’s time now that we should put him to a fast!


Ramadan and Olper’s Ad ;)

Its always the period of festivities when the Big Brands launch special advertising campaigns. And the one’s I really wait for are the Olper’s Advertise and this Ramadan they had a real surprise for us 🙂 A blend of Atif and Dawud Ali Warnsby a Canadian Singer. Both of them do look alike most of the times 😛 and I loved the part when Dawud sang in Urdu that was cute :D. It was amazing to see how the directors and the conceptual masters gathered all the cultures practiced in the Islamic Countries specially during Ramadan and it being the Holy Month brings us even more close to each other. This was written by Jameel uddin Aalee, and was made especially for the 2nd Islamic Conference held in Lahore in 74′. The Video of the ad is attached 🙂 and very Happy Ramadan to all my Muslim Brothers and Sisters 🙂

In search of my Own Story

In a van filled with around 7-10 people, you notice that nobody is interested to talk to anyone, be it they are colleagues, friends or just strangers, everyone likes to see through that plain transparent glass into the outer world. Thinking of his own story. What is going on within one cannot be discovered by the world outside. We are all passengers of the wagon of this World. Working, Learning, resting and searching for our own stories. For people living abroad, apart from their relatives from their loved ones life seems really miserable at times. But there are times, that the time spent with the ones you know is harder and even more worse than when you’re suffering alone. You often get beaten really hard from them. And as a consequence your feelings inside while looking out of that window seems to be a questionnaire of what might have gone wrong with you and the world around.
I like reading faces of the people around. Try and assume what would life be for them. Hard, Light, rough, tedious or just plain LIFE . Waking up in the morning, getting ready, off to work, back home, eat, sleep and wake up again. Sometimes this life gets plainer and plainer. No need to think of something extra as you are doing the most you can bring out of yourself. Then what is the use to search for your own story. Is it mandatory? Is it necessary that I do have a Story of my own, that I can proudly or regretfully tell to anyone? Im confused which path to take, either to look for my own Story or try and look deep into whats going on in the lives of people around. People around who are not mine, Im not connected to them in anyways except for both being Humans and both having the need to survive in this world. I guess I want to try and help them pass this life in a better way, I wish I find my story here somewhere passing by this path.
I dont feel like worthy enough at times. But I know I am, I can do things I have in mind, but often there is a small pin somewhere in my mind which strikes when Im at the verge to do something. That pin is of an unknown fear. A fear I have not yet recognized, but I’m sure that with the passing years, and with my progression in this path of finding stories I will find a way to know what fear do I have and I suppose that I do have a story of my own, a story that is filled like a girlish diary about all the stories I have found in my way so far 🙂 Coz I guess I like my Story that way 🙂

I Love this 796,096 sq km piece of Land called Pakistan

It is my Country. My Beloved Pakistan. Pakistani being the name given to me after my birth, even before I had a real name, I had a definite identity on my Birth Card that I was a Pakistani. A person belonging to a Free Nation. Who has the freedom to follow what he desires. I love this Rich piece of land. Its the 62nd year of Pakistan’s Independence a day to celebrate a day to cherish, a day to mark that there are innumerable facets of this Country to be Proud about. If there is Spielberg some where to be proud about, We have Shoaib Mansoor. If people were fans of MJ, there were people who loved Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. If Brett Lee is considered to be the fastest bowler, We have our Rawalpindi Express to beat him up.
This is the place when I reach I say to myself welcome Home yaar. A land of pure, of the richest of minerals and air. There isn’t just one thing so profound about my Land. Its the land of Sufi’s, Scholars, Philosophers, Artists, Scientists, Journalists, Politicians, Agriculturists, Economists, Bankers, Gorillas etc etc Gosh the list can keep on increasing. It was this day 62 years ago when the boundaries were marked and very little did Pakistan had of its own, and it is now just after 6 decades that Pakistan has become the 7th Nuclear Power of the World. A Nation of whose Unity the whole world is afraid of. We are a nation of almost 18 million people, who always are untied not only on the time of trouble and chaos but also at times when we have to portray the ultimate peace within our country and to the world around. I wish I had someone near to me, who would have witnessed the time of freedom, and who could closely narrate all those stories to me. That’s just a small wish within me that is still unfulfilled. Im proud of my Nation as it is, and the people who have made this Nation what it is Now after 62 years.

پاکستان زندہ باد

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Going Green

Ok it’s been ages since I have been making myself to come down over here at my lovey dovey blog and post something. But every time I ended up doing other things overnight and forgot to blog 😦 my bad 😛
I have become a member of the GoGreen clan since 6th of August and have successfully processed 225 images 😀 I know they are quite alot but in 8 days and alot of hrs each day u too will end up making this much DP’s :P. GoGreen is a campaign launched by our very own…. IT Guru Mr.Farhan Masood, his initiative was to turn everyone’s DP (who was willing to) Green, green in the sense the background was turned green with the Pakistani Flag (and not the person itself 😛 ). It was fun, many of us got united and volunteered for this work as the Guru himself is always busy :). Team members were Talal Masood, Ayesha, Nizamani, Razzman, Rehan, ||c0d3r||, Hina and a few others as well, Im sorry if I have missed out your names but it might be that I didnt know u were a part of the team as well :S It is a great effort done by the Green team, and we the members are enjoying it as much as the people who are receiving their requests 🙂
So if Anyone of you still wants his/her DP to be Greened email us @ , hurry up as 14th of August is just one day away 😉

Im Green 🙂 R U ??