When you think You were about to GIVE UP!

I came across this heart wrenching video and it gave me just one thought that WHY am I always crying for things that make no sense at all. I’m moaning for stuff I would use once and will keep it somewhere at a place that I can never find again. And always crying asking Allah for why I’m like this, why this n that and so on is happening to me, I have done nothing wrong, I haven’t stolen someone’s assets, I haven’t robbed a bank, I haven’t even killed a living thing in my life, than why all this is happening to me. At times, rather million of times I think I cant make it upto the Top any more. Like the guy in the video describes I cant stand up anymore no matter how hard I try I feel I’m not meant for this task, its something done to me and I wasn’t chosen for this thing, this is in-justice with me. But when I saw Him, I felt ashamed of my own self. I couldn’t process more but the fact that I’m just a loser, Allah has nothing to do with me. It is “I” who is not looking into my own self, he knows what I can do but it’s me who is still unaware of it. And instead of looking for it I say its not like this, HE cant just do this to me, I’m not worth all of this. I feel ashamed for acting like a loser my entire life!


8 thoughts on “When you think You were about to GIVE UP!

  1. REHAN says:

    Words you blogged about you're self These are the symptoms of a life .. The Real Living Person who just yelled the heart out on all those blessings . yes It does matter how you gonna Finnish.

    An Admirable blog post indeed.

  2. Haris Gulzar says:

    I saw this video some time back and he really made me cry. How many times do we loose hope and think we just can't do it, but when there is will, there is a way Insha-Allah. These are examples for us to have faith in Allah, that HE will help us whenever we are in need of it Insha-Allah, and that we should never loose hope.

    If you fail, try again, and again, and again…

  3. Sana says:

    @Rehan thanx for dropping by my blog, and indeed your words are true enough unless and until your not dead from the inside you still feel the pain and agony of your soul.

    @Haris InshAllah I too believe that we Can and we Will InshAllah find ourselves some things or goals to look after for which even if we fall we will try to get up again 🙂 InshAllah 🙂

  4. Sana says:

    @Anonymous M sorry but I have stopped accepting Anonymous comments. If you have a Name (that everybody else does) and an Identity to post a comment than please do use that instead of being Anonymous!

  5. Jafar says:

    پہلے تو ایک کنفیوژن دور کریں
    نکی انگلش والا ہے کہ پنجابی والا
    غم اور خوشی سے قطع نظر زندگی بذات خود ایسی چیز ہے جسے سراہنا اور اس سے لطف اندوز ہونا چاہئے

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