I Love this 796,096 sq km piece of Land called Pakistan

It is my Country. My Beloved Pakistan. Pakistani being the name given to me after my birth, even before I had a real name, I had a definite identity on my Birth Card that I was a Pakistani. A person belonging to a Free Nation. Who has the freedom to follow what he desires. I love this Rich piece of land. Its the 62nd year of Pakistan’s Independence a day to celebrate a day to cherish, a day to mark that there are innumerable facets of this Country to be Proud about. If there is Spielberg some where to be proud about, We have Shoaib Mansoor. If people were fans of MJ, there were people who loved Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. If Brett Lee is considered to be the fastest bowler, We have our Rawalpindi Express to beat him up.
This is the place when I reach I say to myself welcome Home yaar. A land of pure, of the richest of minerals and air. There isn’t just one thing so profound about my Land. Its the land of Sufi’s, Scholars, Philosophers, Artists, Scientists, Journalists, Politicians, Agriculturists, Economists, Bankers, Gorillas etc etc Gosh the list can keep on increasing. It was this day 62 years ago when the boundaries were marked and very little did Pakistan had of its own, and it is now just after 6 decades that Pakistan has become the 7th Nuclear Power of the World. A Nation of whose Unity the whole world is afraid of. We are a nation of almost 18 million people, who always are untied not only on the time of trouble and chaos but also at times when we have to portray the ultimate peace within our country and to the world around. I wish I had someone near to me, who would have witnessed the time of freedom, and who could closely narrate all those stories to me. That’s just a small wish within me that is still unfulfilled. Im proud of my Nation as it is, and the people who have made this Nation what it is Now after 62 years.

پاکستان زندہ باد

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7 thoughts on “I Love this 796,096 sq km piece of Land called Pakistan

  1. NaVeed says:

    Pakistan ba Islam Zindabad..
    Pakistan ki taqdeer sirf Islam hai warna tu kuch nai..
    Pakistan has no escape then Islam as once said by QU. Shuhab

    May Allah bless our Country and My Allah make us pure and clean for the land of pure and make us realize all those sacrifices of our fore fathers, May Allah bless Pakistan

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