Slaughtering in Fashion

I have been switching through different channels for the past few days from about midnight till Sohoor, and all that I could watch in the news is murder, murder and some more brutal murder :O. Had seen a crime files program that gave me fits, and high depression later on coz what they described got printed on my brain, and my brain has a very bad habit to visualize what someone tells. And after visualizing what was described took the life out of my legs.

I saw three cases where people were brutally slaughtered for no specific reason. My mind was shunned by the thought that I can never ever in my life manage to even look at a chicken or an animal being slaughtered, how can people manage to slaughter HUMANS! Chickens make sounds when they are prepared for slaughtering, but we dont pay heed to them just because we dont understand what those poor animals are saying to us, but what does happen to one’s ears when he is slaughtering a human alive, cant he hear the persons plea, his screams, cant he see the Goddammit look on that persons face. How can one be so blind and deaf.

There were cases when a young boy at a tender age of 20-21 broke into a Man’s house to kill him, because he came to know that the boy’s Mother had extra marital affairs with that Man. Luckily he couldnt find the Man but unfortunately he slaughtered the Man’s wife and his 3 little kids :O. If the boy had real guts and dignity he should have slaughtered his own Mother instead of taking 4 innocent lives. What did the boy get after all this, sentence to life imprisonment, a life long guilt, a soothing record being played in his ears of the people screaming for mercy? Thats;s BS***

Then there was another case, where a brother slaughtered his own blood along with his family just to get his hands over some extra piece of land. just ask hu WHAT WILL HE DO WITH THAT EXTRA PIECE OF LAND WHEN HE WILL BE LYING DOWN IN HIS GRAVE. These were in caps coz I cant understand why do people kill their own blood relations just so that they can sleep in a little wider room forgetting that everyone will once be buried in 6 by 6 plot.

Then the last segment was the case of a man who ferociously slaughtered his own 4 little daughters ranging form 8 to 2. I was really heart broken at this last segment for I saw that man joining his hands infront of the camera and telling that he should be hung till death for he has killed his own daughters. Why didn’t he think of it before he did all this. Now he wasn’t in a Jalali Kaifiyat when he did all this and so he cannot be granted a lease certificate, no matter how mad a person gets he has to have control over his life or else he will regret it in the remaining part of his life. The reason for he did all this was the fact that his wife left him and went to her Mother’s place along with her 4 daughters, the man was a sick headed pathetic human who could only produce filth in his mind and nothing else, got her daughters and slaughtered them for the fear that his wife has a brothel at her place and will turn his daughters into sluts. If he was so concerned for her daughters future he should have filed a case for their custody and would have worked hard for their better future alone, but that sick couldnt think of any other possibility but to kill them and that too not in a single go but kill them with the most depressing agony for those who come to know about it.

I dont know whose fault is it anyways, the Person itself, the Deceased or of the society in which they are blooming. The increasing rates of Flour and Sugar or the decreasing rates of family income. But one thing that people have really forgotten is the power to change their FATES through DUA.


8 thoughts on “Slaughtering in Fashion

  1. *MuslimChica* says:

    Yeah…a lot of people don't even watch the news and rather spend their time moaning and groaning about their own lives. But the news these days is definitely an eye-opener, in a bad way of course =/

  2. Sana says:

    Ubee: lols bilkul tmhare tarah 😛

    Siras: yeah most of the people have done the same whats tu use to listen when there isnt any good news rather News Channels should name their Channels as Geo Bad News or CNN No Good News 😛

    *MuslimChica*: Indeed 😦

    Naveed: If that is based on someone's real life tragedy than indeed that sounds really bad 😦

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