LIES all around.

Why is that when you really want to live your life, nobody wants that. Why is that when you really drag yourself out of something, they drive you back into it. Why is that when you LIE to someone about something, they pretend to become Priests. Why is that you get to know your reality but when its time for them to figure out what the truth is, it all becomes a LIE. Why is that life is made like a living hell just for their own namesake.
I have spend my life all this time just by my own, nobody has been there holding up my finger and walk me down these stairs except for the Almighty who OWNS me by all means, my parents have indigenously spent hours of efforts just to make me a normal, confident, and self esteemed human being , a person who can believe in herself, who knows what she is thinking, who knows what she is seeing, and who knows when to judge someone.

coz I aint no priest,
I aint no saint,
I’m just a piece of flesh
thats just who I am. . .

I have my lies and I have my truths within, neither am I questioning those who have lied to me all this time for a dozen rather a bundle of things neither am I going to allow someone to question me for something I have said or done. I have had regrets in my life and I still do, and no matter who ever comes in my life I will carry my own piece of shit because that would be what I have done.

My life does linger on the edge of hope and despair if that is what you want to listen and that is just because I did not make the right decision at the right time.


4 thoughts on “LIES all around.

  1. Absar Shah says:

    Mayusi is kufr. And everybody makes mistakes. So what, you don't STOP where you make a mistake.. you carry on, make new mistakes 🙂 Warna life ka faida? 🙂

  2. Sana says:

    Thanks PJ =)

    @Absar: mainay kab kaha ke mai Mayus hun 😉 come on do I look like Mayus to u ever ?? ;)but yeah its like u DO tend to get outrun by such days when u feel u r at the End! …. but HELL NO your not =P

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