Damn ME!

Yes this is a small post (coz of the dying mobile battery) that u jst write to curse ur Ownself. I the hoshyaar, chalaak, samajhdaar one broke my laptop 2 days ago n it seems the end of the world to me =( its in the ICU n duno if it vl recover or not =/ n bake raha sawaal nae netbook ya notebook ka tou filhaal koe scene nazaar nae araha =( hve 2 consult sawj in this matter, thn il b posting my new relationship status soon 😉
til thn hospital ky chakkar lagany paraingy =/
prayers needed!


11 thoughts on “Damn ME!

  1. Sana says:

    Thankshhh ubeee 😀
    @Absar: my sweetest sweetest friend tm mjhy iPAD ly kr dy rahay ho naaaa main july tk wait krskte hun =p

  2. Sana says:

    Nae yaar na mjhy akhrot pasand hai or na main bekaar mai akhrot phorte hun =p tmny zakat kheirat krna hai kuch ipad, macbook kuch b tou most welcome 😉

  3. Sana says:

    M.M: yeah keep praying its shifted to the hospital again the Doctor said there is still some hope, so lets see fingers crossed =/

    Smiley: DOnt ask it happened in the most stupidest way… I had my earphones lurking inside the half folded lappie and ABSENTMINDEDLY ( I should emphasize on that =P ) I smashed my Bag onto it not knowing it could end me up with such damages =(

    Razz: I can understand consulting SAWJ in any matter what so ever is a COMPLETE waste of time ! =P

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