Epidemic Videos

Ok there is a trend named now as Epidemic/Viral Videos, where a specific video becomes the headlines of all social networking profiles…. Its been for like a week that this specific one video has been there on my nerves in a 100+ forms. Her Morning Elegance by Oran Lavie. A great video and a great concept. The best point about the video is that, apart from the character on the Bed, nothing seems to be moving, not even the sunrays on the bed. This is a real HARD Work. Coz for all the parodies that I saw, they were successful in creating the character but failed to keep the environment stable. Im sharing the video by Oran Lavie and than another video of Uzair Jaswal – So ja. To show how Pakistanis attempted this video. Though the story line of both the videos are different but the techniques are the same.

PS: Im not at all an Uzair Jaswal fan, Im just sharing the video to compare the techniques.



Ok the recent post in my blogroll just gave me jitters. And this lousy internet connection was about to give me electrical shocks when it took a record breaking 15 mins time to open up a light weight blog page =/. Connections can be really pathetic at times 😛
The good news is I WON the One-Sentence Story Competition hosted at M.M’s blog more than a week ago. I seriously wasn’t expecting this at all. I never really submitted anything in such competitions, afraid of the fact that my work would look all kiddish infront of the great pieces people come up with. But this one made my day.
ahhhhhh will surely have a good night sleep now InshAllah 😀

You can drop by her blog or follow the link HERE, to check the other remarkable entries as well 🙂

You took him Away!

Sitting alone in the exact corner, where once I used to sit and look at you for hours. I still see the same enormity within you. Nothing has changed. You seem to be as deep and as bewildered as you used to be before. Having no sympathy for those who sit there in those dark corners looking at you and beating the feel to drown within. It seems so alluring to them to just keep on walking towards You, deeper and deeper into you.
Sitting here I can still see the rocks lying there half dry and half wet. You never want anyone to be complete dont you, except for yourself. You feel only you have the right to be complete, to be strong, to be powerful. You never give up your strength for anyone dont you. Not even for me. For I have given you my love. As You took him IN without even looking back at Me. Not listening to my crumbled moans, when I sat there for weeks, looking back at you, with eyes filled with tears, anguish, rage and envy. Just pretending sitting in that corner with my eyes fixed right at you, waiting for that moment when you will give me back my Love, but you didnt. You took him away from me Forever. You just loved looking at me all lost and gone astray. You loved looking at me didnt you, you loved to have me there every day and every night, sitting there looking at you when you kissed the soil with an intensity that drove shivers down my body. And as the days passed and the dawn of a new day broke you craved to see me, you longed for me. I became your prey, the one you will do anything for. For all you wanted was to take me within, to be complete. But I wasnt a fool. I came each day just to tell you, you can never be complete, indeed you took my love away but I will never let myself fall for your prey, I come here for my Love and I still will. But I will make you long for your desire as you made me for my Love.
I will never want you to be complete, I will never fall for your strength. I will Never let you WIN.

update update update update update update update update

alryt alryt this is ENUF, I have had it from me. I can’t be any lazier than THIS. But Im *sigh*. LORD! I can be so pathetic at times. Im turning to a couch potato or rather a potato with a laptop attached to it :S
Its been months we have shifted back to Pakistan and saddeningly half of the entire packed stuff was loaded in my room, and I was BAY-ROOM (without a room) for like around 4 months now. Finally we decided to take out all the stuff re-arrange it so that it fits into ONE room, and I get to have my room back :). Its been a tiring effort of about 8 hours that we finally managed to THOSOFY all the stuff in one room leaving behind a few suitcases in my room, which I will eventually stick back into that room so that there isnt a needle left in my room 😛 Now I have to assemble my PC Table, get a PC, get a Bed, a dresser would be optional (I can literally live without a dresser 😛 ) and a few other optional items for my room. But first off I still have to clear up alot of Mess that is hanging around in my room *sigh* and here Im sitting and planning stuff that I should Do rather doing it in reality =/ couch potatao!

I HATE you Satan …

Errrrrrr ……. I so HATE it when I miss my Fajar Salah =(, and today what happened just blew my head off. I always feel guilty the ENTIRE day when I miss my prayers (especially Fajar). I usually keep my alarm 10-15 mins after the Azaan, This morning I heard the entire Azaan alhumduliAllah ( half in sleep though), went straight to the bathroom, and it is where the Satan found it’s prey =/ He silently whispered it in my ear and it straight went up to my head. ” YOU still have 15 minutes till your Alarm rings”. And Voila! I went out and got straight into my bed :(. Then when did the Alarm ring I have NO idea :(. That jerk woke me up at around 6:00 to show me his victory, when I saw the strong rays filling up my room and got disgusted at myself, this is no doubt the MOST disgusting part seriously!
I still keep on thinking when Satan was feeding all this to me where the hell was my goody goody angel sleeping, you know the one in the cartoons, when TOM is usually planning something bad about jerry and PUFF come the angels. Where was my angel when I needed Him. =/

PS: OK the last paragraph was just a kiddish thought =P