Tale of Embarrassments..

Alright so sometimes these KESC breaks bring out the worst things in you but it also brings out the most funniest =P a few days ago the power went off eggjactly at 11:30 at night. Lying down having nothing to do, I just closed my eyes and started drifting where ever my mind and thoughts took me to. After wandering here and there (like puranay gali mahalloun kay chakkar lagaye do chaar) I started having the most funniest collage of my yesteryears. And to top it off all of them were embarrassing, like my mind was in a mood to show me a whole film of the most embarrassing moments in my life till present =/ It turned out I planned to post some of em here too =P They r in NO specific order.

Embarrassing Situation 1
Picture: Im talking over the phone with my sister, having no idea at all where the rest of the family members are, rather thats usually not my concern when im over the phone with my sister we just talk and talk and talk NON STOP. So just a while ago my mom and dad just came from outside. And Mom just told me about what had happened on their way to the bank. Now my dad being a left hand driver for over 27 years MashAllah have a little trouble driving on the right hand side of the road (but that certainly doesnt include him NOT seeing a RED light) but because it was 12pm, the sun always tricks you in seeing the wrong thing =P and my Dad mistakenly jumped over a red light and got followed by a police patrol, now he also has issues with parking and pulling over makes him just like a fuming dragon when such a thing happens, bus its just like you have to look closer to visualize it. HAH! So as for our beloved Police my dad knew what to do (keeping in mind my dad doesnt have a pakistani licesnse yet and Lord knows when he decides to get one =P) he knew ke PAISA KAAM AYEGA [money will do the trick] he asked for what he wanted and he dropped his demand for 300rs. Shucks my dad didnt have any change in his pocket so he had to give 500rs instead of 300 (one lucky chap he was =P) and finally Allah Allah krkay they got back home. So my Mom hurriedly narrated this whole tale to me in mere 5 mins and ran to the kitchen, not knowing that my Dad is standing just behind me and he overheard what I said next. I narrated my Mum’s story to my sis something like dis:

“Han Abba jee nay tora haina aaj Signal aur diye hain Tullay ko panch so rupees[ in a sort of ranting tone]”, amidst this line I heard my Abba Jee saying ” Kia bachun wali baatein kr rahe hai” to my Mom whilst I was getting that dreadful stare from my Mom when I should realize that I should better off keep my tongue inside my mouth than out =/

Embarrassed? NO! rather I should say Clean Bowled =/

Embarrassing Situation 2
This dates back quite a few years ago when IT Xpo used to be a HYPE =P, I remember visiting that Xpo just once in my life (keeping in mind what had happened before I refused to visit that place ever again) Roaming around checking amazing Gadgets of that time, having no specific knowledge about any (being quite young at that time) My Khala was deciding to upgrade her machine at that time, we casually paused at a stall for a while and just as we were about to leave a STUPID, jack-ass sales man started off giving his speech explaining his SEXY ITEM [ P3 at that time] looking at our direction so as of courtesy we decided to stand for a while and listen to his backwas. Once he finished off his speech and landed his fleet he asked as a reference which machine were we exactly using, and ME being a small stupid kid the one who blurts out stuff without even thinking just once said, rather shouted that we owned a Pentium Celeron (HECK NO! I dont own one I have a P3 already at my place back home I was speaking up on behalf of my Khala =/) that was it that Jack-Ass SM went all “Oh SHIT!” over what I said and the crowd that surrounded that stall couldnt stop laughing =/ We had no choice but to leave the stall with our heads down and that too just because of me =(

Embarrasing Situation 3
Scene: I was due to meet my Chem teacher by the end of my Phy lecture while my Chem teacher was busy having a class of grade 8th girls. Now I knocked at the door and entered the class at her signal [me being a senior at that time got all kind of stares from those girls] I just dont remember clearly what kind of conversation went off at that time as I only remember the embarrassing bit of it. We were just talking talking when the bell rang and I went saying her something like: “Teacher Aap Over Hogaen?” now that sounded ZO-MAINE [something having a double meaning] except me the rest of the people in that class took it as “teacher app over hogaen as in over-acting wala OVER” =/ but what I actually meant was she got free from that specific class at the moment =/ and eventually again I had to leave the class without clearing my point.

Embarrassing Situation 4
This particular incident happened when I was in grade 7th as far as i remember. One of our aunties from the compound visited school during break time and I went off to greet her and inquire her about her visit, of which she replied she had come to meet her daughter which was a year senior to me. So I just went off after a 5 min conversation. After a few games here and there I spotted aunty waving me and calling me out for something. When I finally reached there she handed over something to me. On looking into my hand I found there were a few riyals, now me the stupid being thought that they were for me (like aunty giving me a small treat out of courtesy) and as a namesake I went all “Thanks Aunty but iski koe zaroorat nahe the” and that sweet aunty went all “Nahe yeh tmharay liye nahe hain kaheen Sara nazar aye tou ussay day dena” hitting a heavy slap on my face with her words =/ aunty agr 5 riyal day be daite tu jaan nikal jani the kia apki kam az kam mai embrrass tou na hoti na =( GOSH!

Embarrassing Situation 5
Scene: Me chasing my friend around the girls wing corridor for a game of bhagam bhaag =P.
As I was just about to grab my friends collar I over sped across the half high corridor and twisted my ankle in a way that I didnt break it rather I landed on the ground with a loud thud, it sounded more like as if i cracked my skull. As I lay on the ground with my face wrapped up by my hands it felt like pin drop silence at the moment [ amazingly I crashed really hard on the floor and I didnt get hurt at all]. The friend I was chasing had started getting fits that Im long gone by now and she will be declared as my murderer. But in reality with such a loud bang I was so embarrassed that I wasnt even able to move a single bone. But regarding my friends constant plead I had to get up and I did that with a huge grin on my face so that everyone takes it lightly and forget it like a joke =/

These were it till finally I heard the beep indicating me to start jumping with joy as LIGHT AGAE hai =P. As these situations might seem funny at the moment but HELL YEAH they were embarrassing enough to give me nightmares at that time =(

PS: as a check Im having a poll on my blog for about 2 weeks just to know which one of these seemed the most embarrassing to my readers =P do cast ur vote even if u dont comment =P


10 thoughts on “Tale of Embarrassments..

  1. Uni says:


    Toooo funny. I loved the one when Aunty handed you the money and you thought she was giving you a gift! πŸ˜€ haaaahhaha

    **doubled over**

  2. Sana says:

    LOLX! indeed that was hell embarrassing at that moment =/
    acha would u mind casting ur vote at the poll in the sidebar I just want to know which one's the most embarrassing in others opinion =P

  3. M. M. says:

    That's the charm of embarrassing moments. They're embarrassing when they occur, but the rest of your life, they make you laugh. πŸ˜› Be glad you've such gems to laugh about πŸ˜€

  4. [[[ x Smiley x ]]] says:

    LOL@situtaion 4! awesome!
    sure wouldnt wanna be there! πŸ˜› like couldnt you tell from her facial expression or anything, haha. πŸ˜€
    At the moment you just want the earth to swallow you up but now you look back and laugh. Thats all that matters πŸ™‚

  5. Sana says:

    @ All: Thanks alot for commenting and m glad that u enjoyed my embarrassing stories =P though they were life taking (metaphorically)at that time but ab tou shadeed hansi ate hai πŸ˜‰

    @SAWJ: Jao kaheen aur so ja kar =P

    @ Anas and M.M: Thanks for voting πŸ˜‰

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