I HATE you Satan …

Errrrrrr ……. I so HATE it when I miss my Fajar Salah =(, and today what happened just blew my head off. I always feel guilty the ENTIRE day when I miss my prayers (especially Fajar). I usually keep my alarm 10-15 mins after the Azaan, This morning I heard the entire Azaan alhumduliAllah ( half in sleep though), went straight to the bathroom, and it is where the Satan found it’s prey =/ He silently whispered it in my ear and it straight went up to my head. ” YOU still have 15 minutes till your Alarm rings”. And Voila! I went out and got straight into my bed :(. Then when did the Alarm ring I have NO idea :(. That jerk woke me up at around 6:00 to show me his victory, when I saw the strong rays filling up my room and got disgusted at myself, this is no doubt the MOST disgusting part seriously!
I still keep on thinking when Satan was feeding all this to me where the hell was my goody goody angel sleeping, you know the one in the cartoons, when TOM is usually planning something bad about jerry and PUFF come the angels. Where was my angel when I needed Him. =/

PS: OK the last paragraph was just a kiddish thought =P


9 thoughts on “I HATE you Satan …

  1. Sana says:

    @Anas: bachay meri ghalti main uska 99.9% HAATH tha =P iss lyeh

    @Siras: actually Im the one who wakes up first and then wakes the rest of the people so Im to be blamed the most coz when i over-slept everyone else did the same =(

  2. Uni says:

    Wow. You're the first one up and wakes the rest of the family 🙂 masha Allah, that's amazing.

    And yeah, Satan really does junglana work (his cronies too)… but see, its good that you realise it and hopefully IA won't fall into this 'Oh there's loads more time left, close your eyes/turn over/get into bed/etc' routine ever again.

  3. Sana says:

    @Uni: Yes, alhumduliAllah I wake up and then wake the rest of the people 🙂 by Allah's grace that's all I can say.

    @Raaji: yes this happens it's like u r under a heavy force of the satan, but if we push it a little harder we can definitely loosen up his grip open us InshAllah 🙂

    @Tauqeer: LOLX!

    @Arslan: might be that would be the case, but Fajr is the shortest prayer out of the 5 he couldnt be praying it for hours I tell u =/

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