Epidemic Videos

Ok there is a trend named now as Epidemic/Viral Videos, where a specific video becomes the headlines of all social networking profiles…. Its been for like a week that this specific one video has been there on my nerves in a 100+ forms. Her Morning Elegance by Oran Lavie. A great video and a great concept. The best point about the video is that, apart from the character on the Bed, nothing seems to be moving, not even the sunrays on the bed. This is a real HARD Work. Coz for all the parodies that I saw, they were successful in creating the character but failed to keep the environment stable. Im sharing the video by Oran Lavie and than another video of Uzair Jaswal – So ja. To show how Pakistanis attempted this video. Though the story line of both the videos are different but the techniques are the same.

PS: Im not at all an Uzair Jaswal fan, Im just sharing the video to compare the techniques.


8 thoughts on “Epidemic Videos

  1. Sana says:

    hahaha nahe @Absar: I know ur Taste pretty well, ur just PRETENDING to have liked the original but tmhain reality mai COPY he achi lage hai 😛 😛

    @Tauqeer: It's an amazing technique, and requires alot of effort. Imagine taking 1000's of images and than compiling them together in the form if a video… 🙂

  2. Absar Shah says:

    Haww I didn't rven watch the entire copy video, salay copy-cats 😛
    Aur baat suno, shouldn't you be studying for your admission test rather than looking up videos? 😛

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