Sweet Dreams..

Sometimes the Emptiness kind of prevails within you. There are times when you feel, you have seriously TAKEN over that emptiness within you. But it’s not truly Victory its Hallucination I guess. A kind of sweet dream when you feel you have finally brought light to your life, but the things, the situations, the people, the weather, EVERYTHING at times, bring you back to the same room, where You & Your Emptiness spent hours in Harmony!


9 thoughts on “Sweet Dreams..

  1. Sana says:

    @Smiley: errrrr yeah… but at times you dont feel like Confronting yourself with ur worst enemy….

    @Raaji: thats the point, it goes away, but not for LONG!… it's like it simply HIDES beneath the table for things to settle down and rises again to blow your stack of cards …. =/

  2. Uni says:

    I can very well identify with this … 😛 but as I say to everybody :D…at least ure not one of only two sisters with one sister going away :P:P

    That's like… the worst. And nothing can match this.
    So I suggest:
    1. Reading good books (that takes away the lonely/empty feeling definitely
    2. Listening to good lecs.. online.
    3. Going out for a drive or walk. Sub say best ideas usi waqt atay hain !

  3. Sana says:

    Hahaha I had the same feelings going on, even when she was here 😉

    This is kind of a personal relationship with myself…
    NO matter how much u TRY and get urself into a Book, at times you just CANT.
    I cant..errrmmm….drive…. =/ and walking alone at night around 1am is also kinda not on my I CAN DO LIST 😛
    And about the lecs…then what kind of lectures.. Can u explain that…

    Thnaks for dropping by dear 🙂

  4. Uni says:

    Oh of course, driving was meant for mornings. Afternoon/evening drives are a great source for high BP… so not at all! Walking can be done in daylight no?

    I know the feeling of not getting involved in a book. But if you persist (and HARD enough), you'd get it IA. Another thing, you can do so much other stuff too! Like…
    1. Online job (just for a few days till univ starts)
    2. Lecs – any topic that interests you. Like for me, these days Im into signs of the Last Day, coming of the Anti Christ, Imam Mahdi etc… so im trying my best (kitna succeeding, woh alag baat hay) to read up from as many resources as possible. And hence watching related videos too. So it can be anything.
    3. If you're good with Art, then learning stuff like Quark/Photoshop/Freehand… cuz if I rem correctly, you said you wanted a career in journalism.. and this stuff HELPS!

    Want more suggestions? 😛

  5. Sana says:

    Ahhh well by I cant, I really meant I dont know HOW to drive =/ I hope that clears the dilemma 😛
    1) Who will give an online job to an amateur like me that too for a month 😛
    2)Yes the lecture part is good, I can try out my hands on that 🙂 (though I HAVE to prepare for my entry test along with that 😉 )
    3)and eerrrmmmm doesnt Journalism really mean WRITING =/ why would they make me learn PS =/ r you trying to make me get into some trauma :S LOLX! 😛

    I keed I keed 😛

    abhe itni he kafi hain apnay aur kuch bataya tou sure shot main KUCH bhe nahe kr paongi 😉 U have no doubt MASTERED the skill of time utilization MASHALLAH 😀

  6. majworld says:

    philosophy that aristotle must been proud of :p..nd ya, at times we feel in a light and environment nd people move us back to that emptiness..but then, we should try to minimize the effects of these things on our positivity..yes, the mood can change for sometime, but still we shouldn't turn negative and feel in dark..

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