Why do at times, the hardest thing in your entire life seems to be Connecting with your Self?


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  1. Sana says:

    Siras: I can take it that way as well, but dont u think it's more like we often tend to IGNORE our self just so we dont get entangled with its un-Wanted questionnaire?

    @Imtiaz: Apka shukriyah apnay mera blog parha aur us pr apnay khaylat ka izhar bhe kiya.
    Apki raye sy main ittefaq rakhte hun, humnay apna zehan kuch is tarah in tamam cheesoun mai phansa liya hai ke CHAH kr bhe hum in sab say jaan nahe chura skty. Yehi hamara bad tareen masla hai….

  2. Uni says:

    You know. For connecting with our self – we need to disconnect from technology/internet. Just for a while.
    It will surely help.

  3. majworld says:

    guess need solitude for it..sum people fail to connect to self for their whole lives even..but this connection is so needed because lot of answers are found by this self connection..

  4. Sana says:

    @Awaeis: YES! thats what I meant, we need it so badly at times that we find ourselves curling up in depression. We need those answers to keep on going with our lives.

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