Ermmmmm. Im Sorry =/

I dont have words to describe WHY I havent been updating my blog, especially the novel I had been hooked up to doesnt seem to be moving any further. I had been working on the story for a while, and I ended up adding stuff and polishing the entire story, to make it more NOVEL like. I came across plenty of bloopers I had to overcome, and new scenes in the episodes already written. So Ill most probably be editing the Previous entries as well, once Im done with the Novel.
Another reason WHY I haven’t been editing is the Extra work Im hooked up with, a National Campaign on Social Networks like Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, infact everywhere you get a chance to show yourself in the form of Images. Its called “Go Green Pakistan”. A reason to Unite before 14th of August, turning your timelines, friend lists, every possible thing Green 🙂
If you feel like turning green then let us know at or fill up the form here.

Happy Blessed Month of Ramadan Everyone 🙂
Read in the Name of Allah

9 thoughts on “Ermmmmm. Im Sorry =/

  1. mahmud faisal says:

    Ramadan Mubarak to you Nikki! 🙂
    wish this month will bring you prosperous future in the rest of life and in hereafter too.

    And, Happy Independents Day!
    Go Green! This blog seems to be blue 😉

  2. Sana says:

    Kheir Mubarak to Everyone 🙂
    I love my readers, nobody can be AS co-operative as you guys 😉
    *hugs and kisses*

    @Anas, apsay ijazat nahe chahye the mujhy 😛
    @Salman, will surely give it a read in a while 🙂
    @Tauqeer, thanks for appreciating the Image 🙂
    @MAJ & Siras: Thanks guys 🙂
    @Mahmud, hahaha I know but changing an entire theme requires ALOT of effort, and I didnt have much time for that 😛
    @Asma, all is well dear 🙂 thanks for asking and for dropping by 🙂
    @Marium: Thanks for dropping by my blog 🙂

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