They Say..

It gets hard to digest when you realize you have more Foes at your back, then Friends ahead.

And when Life tightens it’s grip around your neck, ‘Playing Dead’ isn’t the Best Option.

My Life & Reality bites HARD!


10 thoughts on “They Say..

  1. majworld says:

    hey..dun wry, all vl be fine..start ur studies on a positive note..u vl make always feel tough and takes time to settle when we enter a new phase..seems the previous one was better..but then with time, one starts enjoying the new one..u ll settle soon..

  2. Raajii says:

    well its better to have one good friend than a million people you 'think' are friends. I have been there too. I'd rather have no friends than have friends who are not really friends.

  3. asma says:

    only one bestest friend would do too in front of hundreds of foes 🙂

    Apart from this fact, why do we even have to care about foes? if we'll stop thinking about them half the problem is solved. let's start digesting reality .. life's gonna be so easy .. Inshah Allah

  4. mahmud faisal says:

    Don't know what happened to you… but I know one thing– there is always lots of hopes at any situation of life….

    It is you,it is I who are to take initiatives to make it beautiful. Foes are there, will be always– but be strict in your doings.

    Wish your all the best. Fi amanillah.

  5. E.Gen says:


    see AHEAD only one friend of urs is enough for all the FOES 😀
    trust me !!!!!

    and life is what u make out of it so if u make it a MONSTER for urself it'll surely bite and even eat u up …..
    han after that he is going to have constipation :DDD

    and reality never bites pepople with PRAGMATIC approach….. 🙂

  6. Sana says:

    P.S: Guys the Friends and Foes that I'm talking about is no one but MYSELF, yes I have random tea time sessions with myself 😐 because what I believe is that Nobody but yourself can be your worst enemy and your best friend.

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