Dear Me

Dear Me,

       Its about time that I actually came up and conversed with you. I feel sick of coming over to you in that darkest corner. It’s time we confront each other in the hard, unsympathetic day light. I need to see all that scars you have imposed on me all this time; for I want to see how deep they have seeped and how bad do I look with all those bruises on my self. I want to see myself in that bright day light, that I have longed to see for so long. I need the courage to live in the reality, for your fantasies have given me nothing more then those sickening feeling of being left out, out of place and more like a frantic ‘out of order’ machine, who knows nothing about what the hell it has to do with that dime.
       Dear Me, I apologize for not listening to you that often, but you need to learn to get on along without me, for it’s getting hard for me to balance the two extremes of my life. Your pressure is driving me nuts, and it isnt far away that Ill end up being an insomniac, anorexic, diseased, omnipotent piece of sludge.
      Ill keep on writing to you from time to time for I know no matter how far off I try and run away from you, I don’t have to run back to come back to you. I can just stop and look into myself to find you there in the deepest darkest corner, where you’l always be.

With great love,

2 thoughts on “Dear Me

  1. Uni says:

    Ahem 🙂
    Dear ME? :P.

    Very nice. So you're talking to your brain, or your heart? Thats the question! It always boils down to this :S:S.. the rational self speaks another language – and irrational sappy self speaks another. Hard to harmonize the two!

    Insan khud aadha hojayy :S..

    Khair… take care of yourself. Insomnia..!! Anorexia ??!?!?!

    [I fail to imagine how people can STOP eating.. no matter what!].. !

    Hopefully things are going to be okay with you :)…! Duas!

  2. Sheraz says:

    Speaking to the heart? I hope it speaks back to you as you will start to hear the whispers coming from the ONE Himself as HE is nearer to us then ourselves. If the heart is not linked to Him then this is where the work needs to be done. A tear in the eye is the gift by Him to those that are blessed and their soul seek to search for Him every now and then. Have you felt this … have you given your soul a fair chance to ask it what the underlying tusk is? We all have that thing inside but the noise outside shut those cries down and then we end up closed and confused. I hope you got my point no one can hand hold and take you one that journey….it quest has to begin from inside and from the heart if you can actually hear what it originally cries for. It is separated from its Creator for Life and it where we are destined to go back.
    It calls for its Love true Love God and we dont listen. A single prayer with the words written with tears and the heart beat being the language can cover those distances. Do we seek such moment of ecstasy or are we too busy to sort the journey itself and not the destiny. God Bless
    God Bless…

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