Serenade to Me!

Your soft hands rolling all over the strums, the beauty of their flow, and the rythum that they blowed. It was just so serene. I was the one you used to sing to, hum to, play to. But that seems ages ago. Your memory is fading away, burnt to dust in those chambers of my land. I can’t believe I could ever burn my own ship and see it waver away in the sea. Was it that I was a fool or I knew too much?

Too much of who I’m and not you!


5 thoughts on “Serenade to Me!

  1. Ariel Leo says:

    Wow. I'm impressed. And…Sad. What's with this sadness all over in your each and every post? I hope Sana Nasir is just a writer and nothing more than that. I just hope.

  2. Sana says:

    Thanks Lonely Dreamer for dropping by and appreciating my work 🙂

    @Ariel Leo: Indeed Im a writer and portray most of what has happened within me or around me. 🙂 Sadness just being a part of Me 😉

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