Im NOT an Exception!

What is that feeling when you’re standing in a crowd and cant recognize yourself? The feeling when you feel your presence is only superficial. The feeling when you dont know when to laugh or to cry and you keep on waiting for a cue. The feeling when you’re standing searching for that ONE or may be the only stare towards you. The feeling when you realize if its even the place you’re meant to be at. The feeling when you just wish it badly rains and you cry your heart out with a relief that nobody would notice. The feeling of a void presence, the essence of a silent scream. The feeling when you want to end a burdened conversation. The feeling when nobody notices your plain emotions under the masquerade of your skillful smile. Tell me the feelings of emptiness, tell me that it doesnt exist, that its just my illusion, that all those nights I spent with my eyes staring those walls were just acts of madness, tell me no living being can be empty. Just tell me Im NOT an Exception!

11 thoughts on “Im NOT an Exception!

  1. Sana says:

    @Uni: Thanks a bunch 🙂

    @AS: Your comment actually made me laugh 😉

    @Haris: Im glad you could really understand what I meant. And running ahead of someone isnt actually an act of the wisely 😦

    @Anonymous: Wha…What? O.o

  2. Anonymous says:

    I know it sounds funny, but the intellectual and honesty with ones self in writing is something i have always been amazed by. I just wouldnt want to throw you under the bus by asking a whole lot of questions and putting your business out there. I'm just intriuged by the writing and would like to know whre it comes from and more of your thoughts.

  3. Sana says:

    Ahaan alright, its a writer' effort to write what he/she actually wants to deliver to the world. Not an easy job. Im often bad at what I write, specially bad at endings. I often sit and start writing stuff and leave them in between for I dont know how to possibly collect my thoughts. A few that I manage to complete are here at my blog.
    So what basically do you want to know? There's a shoutbox in the sidebar you can always leave your questions out there, even if you dont want to comment, and yes I'd love to atleast know a name with whom I can converse 🙂

  4. Sana says:

    Strange, no wonder there arent any shouts in it as yet 😛
    Alright, I just checked that out and will DM you in a minute, and thanks for the clarification 😉

  5. wordsinvoiced says:

    omg!!!i just cant blv that some one can play with words so beautifully saying it all out nd clear.
    Yes!ur not an exception,all those feelings are normal and mutual:)
    loved ur blog.came here for the first time through twitter.

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