My Ego once told Me.

I have crossed the phase when every step that I took felt as if your shadow is just behind. Stalking and Embracing my Dust.
Let go of my mind and ill make sure that it flies off to a state of  numbness. A state where neither do I gain, nor shall I loose.
Its time when either of us really let it Go.
P.S: A silent conversation with my Ego.


8 thoughts on “My Ego once told Me.

  1. Uni says:

    Man. Your post reminded me of the passages in reading comprehension in GRE exam! :S

    And wow. You have a complex ego – that can understand this stuff ! Man.

  2. wordsinvoiced says:

    Its always very advantageous to talk to ones ego once a while,it leads y nd tells to the rights nd wrongs…nice post..short nd precise but meaningful:)

    i lost track of u on twitter,if u cud tell me ur twitter name.i got to read ur blog from ur profile on twitter.

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