Dare to Write?

People say you’re lucky enough that you get to write when you’re sad, you can jot down every thought and every visual that passes by your eyes. At least you don’t get to cry at every little thing in your life. I being a case of eternal confusion by birth and having a piece of tarnished brain stuck within the slimy cobweb of boiling emotions thinks, the un-thinkable.
I justify my thoughts by pointing out how difficult it is to come back to the exact moment in your life and re-live it through your own darn words. Can you re-live your tears? I bloody know you can’t. Tears are the byproducts of the pain produced within. Words are the outcome of what goes on above and not within. These words suppress your self for a while till it again encounters the exact moment in time through these digital imprints. What you feel then turns out to be the exact opposite of what you felt before. Creating an emotional wreck out of your already bitten body.
For you, crying might seem a tool of embarrassment or a sense of contentment. I believe, though those drops of water that run down your face might seem bitter and meaningless, but unlike words, they wont ever bring back the misery you once went through.


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