Danial Shah. The Man behind the Lens.

To share something worthwhile on my blog after ages, I have a little treat for my readers. Being a part of my University’s Literary Club, my job is to get something fresh and crispy for the monthly Magazine. Something that they would love to read and follow. In short, I’m out there to interview the best people that I know and come across during this journey. Social Media being my best friend since ages now has made everything quite alot easier for me 😉 Which means you’d be looking forward to quite interesting Interviews at my blog.

Photography being my field of interest, I opted for interviewing a Photographer friend of mine. Lets face the fact, who doesn’t feel pleasure after looking at a beautiful Photograph. Especially, when that Photographer is portraying such a magnificent image of his own country. I’m talking about none other then Danial Shah. A guy working endlessly, travelling around the corners of Pakistan, capturing the ever enticing beauty of his country. Who said this nation is made up of terrorists, dictators and corrupt politicians? There is so much more to this country then anyone from outside can even imagine of.

After meeting up with him for the interview, I realized he’s much more then just a ‘Good Photographer’, he’s indeed a great person and that is what comes up in his Photographs.

Interview Cover

To go through the rest of the Interview you can download the PDF file from here. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Danial Shah. The Man behind the Lens.

    • Sana says:

      Not yet, but pretty soon it’ll be published 🙂
      Oh, it’s always a delight to go through Images of remarkable Photographers. Like you, yourself 😉

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