The best thing an author can ask for.

Note to the reader:
on reading mathematical equations

At a number of places in this book I have resorted to the use of mathematical
formulae, unabashed and unheeding of warnings that are frequently given:
that each such formula will cut down the general readership by half. If you are a reader who finds any formula intimidating (and most people do), then I recommend a procedure that I normally adopt myself when such an offending line presents itself. The procedure is, more or less, to ignore that line completely and to skip over to the next actual line of text! Well, not exactly this; one should spare the poor formula a perusing, rather than a comprehending glance, and then press onwards. After a little, if armed with new confidence, one may return to that neglected formula and try to pick out some salient features. The text itself may be helpful in letting one know what is important and what can be safely ignored about it. If not, then do not be afraid to leave a formula behind altogether.


An interview with Jehan Ara, President P@SHA

So after a wholesome delay of about 3 weeks I’m finally done with another interview of one of the finest people that I have come across so far. Intellectual, down to earth and a teen at heart. I would like to make a general apology from Ma’am Jehan Ara for delaying all those appointments. I surely was a mess. Im Sorry… 😦

For all my readers, enjoy an awesome conversation with Jehan Ara, President of P@SHA (Pakistan Software Houses Association).

You can download the .pdf file here for better readability 🙂