One day I woke up to find out that I had killed my own-self. There, there I lie beneath the bloodshed of expectations, accused of murdering the pride of my love. Ever so guilty and all so helpless. What purpose had I been left behind with? To stab him with more agony? To bruise him with anger? Nay, tis’ was time that I brought it to an end. Time to murder myself, where he is all I got, and none is that I cared, then I shall not be here. I shall not be!


I killed myself for the lover’s pride. I killed myself for his smile.


Salgirah hai jee..

Al hum du lil Allah!

Phewww, finally months of planning and working has finally paid off 🙂 Have celebrated an amazing friend’s super awesome birthday 😀

From planning the tiniest wishes till executing all the stupid ideas 😛 From planned gifts till surprise gifts, everything was a pleasure, though someone enjoyed NOT helping me in anything at all. Hmph. But yes, finally all my choices were worth it 😉

Stay blessed and enjoy your year ahead 🙂 All these efforts were for you, just to see that smile on your face, that’s all what makes it precious ❤