Difference of Possession

Peace, expectancy, life and reality, heavy words and a far heavier approach. You just think, keep on thinking through a dozen different approaches, seemingly harmless but painfully harmful.
You think about balance, you believe in giving in, you plan for hatred and dive into the pool of guilt instead. You question, you lose. They question, you justify. You believe in saying things, saying it out loud. You talk alot, you’re hate-able  you talk out to save someone’s butt you’re lovable. Expect nothing, nothing equal to a dime, for expectancy kills the worth of living. Why would you even question someone when you know you’d end up in a deafening silence with no clue, no clue of the dilemma at all. Change of subject, change of issue; loss of sense of self.
Dont talk, just dont. Let it be, let them live as they please, let them live in peace. Your mind, your thoughts distract them from what they think, believe and want. Life isn’t about how you perceive someone else to be, its about how you dissolve them in your being. They will always judge you, judge you on love, hate, thoughts and actions, you judge them on how you be when you’re there, with them.
The difference between you and them is that you know where you’re wrong and that they know where you’re wrong as well. You think in a thousand different directions and live through a hundred different perceived actions; if you want yourself to be sane then just mind your own business! Question, but question to self and none other. Remind yourself that no two beings possessed with love possess the same traits. They are beings, who have been designed and created on a scale different to yours for you to clasp and fit yourself in. Your cuts will be filled with their presence and their wounds will be healed by yours. There’s nothing like a complete package in this world.

Remember, from now on question and answer yourself. For it will save your tongue to spill out your far processed thoughts that are mostly wasted otherwise.


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