Level of insanity: Self Destruction

Ever felt a scream somewhere inside that is just pressing hard against the throat and it seems  as if everything will be vanished if you let it out? Lord save me from the one that Im holding inside for now I believe I’ve entered the realm of insanity. Where I’ve forgotten how to cry and I hate myself for doing it in all the wrong ways. Im in agony from which you’ve always been unknown and so it seems you shall remain ignorant throughout life. Im alone in it, not by choice but with no other option since you can’t feel it. You cant feel me inside, if you could see what I’m right now with your eyes all shut, I would be hearing your echo in my insane silence, calling out my name with a voice soft as satin. All I hear around me are my own moans and cries from nights before, hours right now, and if forbidden; years ahead. I dont see anything else with my eyes either dead or alive but for what has been engraved.

Let me go before I sacrifice myself in the path of the perfect love that I bear and shamefully die to hear you say; ‘ This was just meant to be ‘.



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