There really are moments that bring so much back to your mind and in front of your eyes that you cant help but think what difference it makes or has made in the years that have passed by. You feel strange whatever has come along and think about how much and how many have you left behind. That one moment caused by your own stimulation, drives vibes of past memories across your eyes without you moving an inch through the time machine. The moment made me realize how actually time changes where at the same moment you were surrounded and here you were stranded alone with your thoughts about that very past. The day coming along and some strange conversation gives you equally strange pins about reality, your reality perhaps. Your mind, at times, is not a good place to be at for you are far more responsible for your own pain then of someone else’s. Better learn never to open up as much as someone ask you to. Words seem far prettier and meaningful when they’re unsaid instead of letting them out in the wold wandering like blind butterflies. Find peace in self and try not lean too much on a wall that needs to move on or can get relocated to fulfill some other important purpose. Yet these too are just words.

On another note it just reminded me of what a friend once said, which is quite right though, ‘Let them be with whom they want to be. As if now if they aren’t with them because of you, those people would be the one’s they will want to be with when you wont be around to tell them’. A good piece as a food for thought but certainly not related to what I had been talking about.


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