In the Queue of Double Standards

I have been hating men,  I can’t really evaluate for how long but each of them has proven to be deserving of that spot. Perhaps respect is the one thing that matters the most to everyone, you, me and even them. When you can’t deliver respect at the worst of your time then you can’t really expect good in return because that is equality. Exceptions are when you really care about someone. Mind my thoughts please, but if someone cares about you then they need your attention and care in response as well. Not even a King can get all the attention without spending anything in return. A relationship between two beings  isn’t based upon sexual superiority but is rather based on the masculinity and strength of emotions and thoughts. A man who cannot consider the shortcomings of a better half equivalent to that of his own family than he cannot demand equality on his own part as well.

Not every relationship is the same and neither is every situation. If a woman is placed under a man’s arm it doesn’t mean she has all the support she needs because a slight pressure from the arm can cause immense pain in the relationship. Ask your male ego to take some rest and consider yourself equal to the person next to you irrespective of who they are. If they care for you disregarding their own family and other relationships means they already have given up everything for you but when you raise the level of your ego to the point where you can’t even see yourself is the point where they realise that may be all of this isnt worth it. Pay a little more attention for if they have the power to stand up for you in front of everyone and you cant even take stand in front of your family then dont question their love and respect for you, question yourself for your own efforts and attempts.

P.S: everyone goes through a rough day, mind asking them instead of being asked for before. If I respect its because I deeply care about you. Stop pushing yourself towards the herd of the hated.


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