Neglecting the Basics

The definition for tolerance as described, is the limit of a being to bear pain and hardship. As described by Islam is to bear and control things that can be ignored and can later be thought upon with a different perspective. Today i was having a random chat with my friend and this thing kind of struck my mind and some points ran through that we usually dont have time to think on. We talk about the concepts of terrorism in Islam, about hijab and violence, but has Allah Subhanwatallah created Islam on the basis of these issues, what i meant to say is do we have only these things to talk about when we are in a religious discussion with anyone. Deen has been created on the 5 pillars but these 5 are connected to millions of other things. Tauheed means declaring Allah as the only Creator and Hazrat Mohammad(SAW) his last Nabi, means handing over our lives to our Creator, the feelings of modesty and consistence is developed. Namaz saving our souls from disgrace, shallowness and greed. Zakat creating social balancement, and lastly Hajj an example of brotherhood disregard of the skin color or language, an event where u have to show tolerance and patience, u have to bear the weather, the difficult conditions of living in between so many people sharing a single tent with 4-5 other families, patience for swallowing so much going on with people belonging to cultures at miles distance from us.Toleration isnt easy yet there are different cases where people show different sides of the same coin. Ill give the same example as what i gave to my friend.

Take a situation of a Boss at office and kids at home. You can tolerate the un-neccessary scolding of ur Boss when ur at work, but u cant tolerate the screams and giggles of the kids at home be it ur own kids or ur siblings. My brain failed to process this WHY! just because we are paid by our Boss and not by the Kids. Why cant we think that there is some age difference going on, we were once kids too, we used to the same stuff ourselves and more over they are kids they cant judge the condition u r going through, they have their own world, they are Kids but ur Boss isnt one, he can process the whole situation but he doesnt, he can use his fat brain but he doesnt, he knows all and yet does the same. So whom should we be tolerating more the Boss or the Kids.

Then comes Sabr(patience), here in Qatar PS3 ranges till 2000qr and IPod touch for about 1800qr. Ok so why m i using these two gadgets just coz m putting myself as an example for the situation. So we could possibly wait for 6 months or an year approx to get our hands on any one of the two saving our pocket-money, penny by penny, so this is sabr thats good but we cant possibly wait if the car ahead is 5 secs late after the signal has turned green, we simply even cant adjust with the thought of waiting for our turn at some shop or Mall or to make it simple at a grocery shop. Why cant we get the thought that Sabr has been defined for some hard reason, there isnt anything in the Deen that has been declared just for the sake of declaration, each and every word has its meaning and it is true with its meaning, be it u keep it or throw away the thought. What would be it like if we being Muslims try to Sabr for something just once in a day and keep on increasing the duration. What really would it be like?
Respect, showing someone respect isnt that hard is it? ok forget about someone let it be our country, what would it be like if we started respecting our country, forget about the people too, coz if we would be only thinking and respecting our country the people wouldnt matter us much. As i believe without respect this place will become an even bigger hell. We have to respect other Muslims and even the Non-Muslims coz just like us they too have their own beliefs and faith and Deen says us to respect other faiths coz we r noone to judge. The judgement is dealt up there so be it that ur a Mutakki or a Playa the judgement is going to be UP there.
Guess it’s quite a long essay type post haan, but wasnt anything irrevelant aint. The whole round in the death ring was just to request that Deen isnt just about Terrorism, Jihad,Beard and Hijab there are many things in Deen. try to look life from a different perspective try to think about other things from the Deen. Just want to add my own quote at the end that:

“Allah akharat mai yeh nahe pochay ga ke midan -e- jang mai kitnun ko mara, ya Osama kay saath mil kr kitnun ky khilaf Jihad kiya, woh yeh dekhay ga ke Jihad kay naam pr kitny bekasoorun ko mara. And moreover Physical Jihad is at a higher level the basic resides in tolerance and in patience, kay kitnun ko tumnay apni zaban sy mazour kiya.”


5 thoughts on “Neglecting the Basics

  1. Salman Al-ansari says:

    Hi there,
    I hope you don’t mind me leaving a post here. I have written a short essay for the college and it was about meaning of life, your blog title cought my eyes and saw what you have written here. I think its really intersting. People care about these little things you talked about because they are depatable while the 5 pillares for example isn’t. Beard and Hejab or let say “nigab” is really an issue because everyone have a different view about them.
    anyways thanks for your time


  2. Desh says:

    I am “X” I said;
    So you must be “Y”;
    But dont worry, I STILL love you.


    Religion makes love conditional. It makes you love despite of it… not because of it.


    White light pours on this table;
    But blue it looks.

    Pure love enters me;
    But Desh I become.

    Are we what we get;
    Or what we give?


    So, the purest should be one who gives out all the Divine love that enters him/her…

    …. question is, can Conditions, thoughts, moralistic high-grounds, facilitate that?


  3. NaVeed says:

    religion makes love conditional which is WRONG
    relegion is love and love is religion cuz Islam is what is love n love is what is Islam which is the only pure and true religion n in islam there is the Concept of Ishq-e-Haqeqi, Islam is the name to the book of Love which is based on love of Allah (God) with his lover the Great Holy Prophet Mohammad (p.b.u.h) cuz of whom there is each and everything that exist, dead alive or invisible

    Islam(religion) show me the true meaning of Love

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